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Sign up with a friend to a lifeguarding class, and you both receive a $25 discount.

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As a company created by First Responders, we are offering for all First Responders, Nurses, Doctors and their immediate family 20% off all classes.


We offer daily 1 on 1 CPR/AED classes. Call us to schedule your CPR class.

Lifeguards for Hire On Long Island, NY

Does your camp, or facility need a lifeguard? Thousands of our student who take our lifeguard class are looking for a lifeguard job. If you need a lifeguard call us at (718) 954-5567.


If you need a fully certified & insured lifeguard at your pool party or pool event is a must have in order to provide added security and ease of mind for you and your guests. You can reach our office at 718-954-5567 to schedule the correct number of lifeguards for your party or event based on the number of guests and age of swimmers.


We offer lifeguards for hire services all over Long Island. We have dozens of lifeguards for hire in Nassau and Suffolk County. We are here to help you make sure you are safe during the pool party or event.


We only hire the best trained New York State Department of Health lifeguards. Who are also certified in CPR/AED, First Aid and know how to respond to emergencies.

Lifeguard Training NY has lifeguards for hire to guard at your next private pool party or Facility

If you want to hire a lifeguard, you must undergo a certain hiring process. This process should be taken seriously to avoid later complications. This process takes time and effort but is definitely worth it. These are the steps on hiring lifeguards:


1) Tell us the cause

This will be the first step of the process. Knowing the basic questions is the fundamental step. There is a need to know what you want and where it would happen. Would it be a pool party? Would it be a beach party? Would it be a surfing contest? These types of questions should ring a bell. This will be the basis of all the qualifications that you will set later on. Knowing what these are will help you decide later on the selection process. Also, there are ready-made suggestions for certain causes. You may opt to go on with the suggested package or make the team yourself.


2) The selection process

Since you already know your cause, we will be able to decide the lifeguard team. It is up to your cause on how many members you would like to be on a particular team. The selection process is crucial, especially for big events. This should be taken consideration meticulously. There will be suggested lifeguards who are excellent on the field but you may also opt to choose them yourself. There will be a list of all qualified lifeguards given by the company. The need to choose a lifeguard can be a convenient key for having a more suited lifeguard can help you better. The list includes their detailed backgrounds and their corresponding notable experiences on the job. This includes their credentials, estimated costs, and all necessary details. This will help you decide the most fitting team for your cause. Like for an example, your venue is situated on beaches. There might be several lifeguards but there will be certain people who are best suited for the job. It will all be reflected on their backgrounds and credential page.


3) Submit your application

After all the necessary details are filled out, submit your application form to us. This step can be done online or through the office. Only applicants who successfully meet the required qualifications will be accepted. If your application lacks the necessary details, you will be informed immediately by the company so that you can make the necessary changes. If submitted through the office, this will take on about 3 to 4 days checking time. Within 3 to 4 days, the company will mail or email you about the result. On the other hand, when it is submitted online, it would only take 2 days before you can get your application result. Once the application is accepted, you may now be able to enjoy the genuine service.




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