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Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

  • Combination of online learning and in-person skills session
  • Content equivalent to traditional course with less time spent in a classroom
  • Individuals re-certifying can pre-test out of content they know
  • Self-paced training can be completed around work responsibilities

Some of our Lifeguarding, Lifeguard Recertification, Water Safety Instructor, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuers and First Aid classes are ran in the Blended Learning format.


These classes are taught on Long Island NY. Thats includes Nassau County and Suffolk County New York.


Once registered for the class, the student's will get a link to do the online portion of that class.


As the student completes the online lessons, please print a progress report from the Main Menu page of the online course. Bring a progress report to each on-site skills session to verify completion of the online lessons.

Blended Learning For Lifeguarding and CPR And Why It Is Beneficial


You’re at your busiest time of the year and it’s close to impossible to sign up for Lifeguarding and CPR training. But with the blended learning approach, it is easy and doable.


You may be doing a balancing act between work, family life and everything else in between so you practically have no time to learn a new skill.  But have you considered taking Lifeguarding or CPR through the Blended Learning Program?


 How is it different from the traditional Lifeguarding or CPR class?

The foregoing discussions are focused on blended learning as one of the top choices for people like you who have the desire to learn but just can’t find the time to attend a traditional Lifeguarding or CPR class. It will also touch on the merits of the blended learning versus purely online Lifeguarding or CPR programs.


A blended learning approach to gaining Lifeguarding or CPR skills can be your preferred method because it allows you much elbow room to go around your daily schedule. In blended learning, you will be experiencing both online and hands-on style instruction.  Don’t worry because the courses you would have learned in a traditional Lifeguarding or CPR classes would be the same as those being offered in a blended learning program. The difference is that it offers a flexible learning solution.


The pros of Lifeguarding or CPR blended learning

Offers flexibility without sacrificing quality. Whether you are an employee, an employer, or an entrepreneur, the program offers ease and convenience.


The online part of the program allows you to learn at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about giving up a meeting or a family event because you aren’t adjusting to any one’s pace and schedule. So, the probability of completing it is high.  What’s more, the content is the same across providers who are using the traditional classroom-style approach.


Everyone has ready access

If you are in a more remote area, blended learning won’t pose a big problem as you have ready access to the online part of the training along with others. Scheduling, including those for first aid training, is made easier and faster. There’s virtually no time wasted versus forming a physical class.


Allows you to choose topics of priority

With blended learning, you just breeze through Lifeguarding or CPR subjects that you are most familiar with already. This gives you more time to concentrate on topics you haven’t heard of yet or, have very little knowledge about.


Retention rate is higher

One of the ways instructors check if you’ve learned Lifeguarding or CPR is your ability to retain the information you have learned and use it in a practical sense.  Studies show that information received from a classroom style teaching is close to 60 percent. Meanwhile, a separate study reveals that online learning may boost retention by as much as 25 percent.


General requirements

In a blended learning course, you undergo Lifeguarding or CPR training in three parts: the online course, the hands-on assessment, and the written exam (if you’ve signed up for the healthcare provider program). You may finish the training and exam via online.  Afterwards, you’ll be assessed based on the skills you’ve acquired. Lifeguarding or CPR instructors usually conduct the assessment.


Obviously, the hands-on portion of the course must be physically carried out.  You’ll be tasked to use a human-like dummy or practice your skills with true-to-life scenarios. In order to obtain a certificate, you will have to pass all three parts of the course.


Views on online certifications for Lifeguarding or CPR

While it is true that purely online CPR training offers the same expediency and convenience, it does fall short of the blended learning program course. This is because learning it and obtaining certification from purely online sources won’t let you gain the skills obtained from hands-on experience. The same holds true when obtaining first aid skills.

Lifeguarding or CPR are skills that requires you to attend a hands-on class apart from your online class.


Learning is maximized when online learning is employed in conjunction with hands-on sessions, the practical side of Lifeguarding or CPR learning.


Blended learning for Lifeguarding or CPR has been gaining more ground since it was introduced in the Lifeguarding/CPR training landscape. With this, there’ll be no reason left for you to leave off this learning this life-saving skill.



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